Pezão Bar Cardápio

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Platos en Pezão Bar

The menu items below highlight top-rated and popular dishes based on real customer reviews for reference only, and may not accurately reflect the current restaurant offerings.
In terms of price/quality ratio, visitors have mixed opinions. Some find the prices reasonable for the quality and quantity of food served, while others consider it a bit expensive. However, the overall consensus is that the restaurant offers great value for money.
  • Tilapia Parmigiana

    - a top choice among visitors, praised for its homemade sauce.
  • Broth for Starters

    - highly recommended by the guests for its quality and taste.
  • Tilapia BamBam

    - described as sensational, this dish is a must-try.
  • - although some found it not as impressive as other dishes, it's still considered excellent.
  • Ice Cream Cake

    - offered as a courtesy to birthday celebrants, it's a delightful treat.
  • Rice with Garlic

    - noted for its strong garlic flavor.